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Til Death Do Us Part. Or The Kids?


TRUE LOVE AND THE ELDERLY Did you read the article previously posted about true love? If not, this may seem like a loose tangent, coming in from out of the blue, but its not and I feel too compelled to not write about it. Today’s society in the U.S. is all rush and no relaxation. [...]

How Can We Quit Smoking?


HOW CAN WE QUIT SMOKING? Millions are asking: How can we quit smoking? How can you quit smoking cigarettes? Help me to stop smoking! Creating a healthier lifestyle is becoming more important and one of the first things people can do to establish this is to quit smoking. With the masses wanting to know how [...]

Apologize: Take Responsibility


APOLOGIZE AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY… OR JUST HANG UP? Recently, I decided that a certain friend of mine had been too rude to me, more than her usual self, and decided to address it with her. As I know her well, I had doubts as to whether or not it would go well and, as expected, [...]

Reinvent Yourself!


THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WILLING TO REINVENT YOURSELF It is time for a little pep talk on today’s economy, and no, I’m not referring to the Dow and its performance, or lack thereof. This is about addressing the amazing possibilities that can arise from frustrating financial times and other obstacles that appear to be setbacks. [...]

Letting Go of The Past


LETTING GO OF THE PAST Letting go of the past can be quite challenging, no doubt.  However, the benefits are countless and the opportunities that begin to present themselves seem to multiply as well. Knowing this, why not let go of the past haunts that simply do not serve well in your current life?  Stop [...]

What Is Having An Affair?


WHAT IS HAVING AN AFFAIR? When an interesting question was brought up, about how affairs start and what is having an affair, we chose to not only address it but also to expand further in a series of articles. We hope we shed some perspective you may not have previously considered. This article series was [...]

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